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About us

About us

We at Brilliant are a skilled and experienced team with talent across the skill set and across diverse industries.  We take the normal and make it Brilliant.

We approach our projects with strategic and creative thinking. We partner with our clients to create big ideas and digital experiences. And we spend each day doing so by sharpening the tools of the digital trade.

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About us


BI as a service – A fully-managed, end-to-end BI solution.  Either on premise or hosted, including but not limited to architectural, business analysis, data analysis, requirements gathering, visioning, application development, support, maintenance, and training. A complete turnkey operation where we partner with you to drive success and enable you to do what you do best, make effective decisions and run your business. We will take those wishes and dreams and turn them to reality!


This is our recommended service as we are able to maximise our synergies across the plethora skillset’s and negate inefficiencies incurred of dealing with third parties.


We have built standard interfaces scalable from mid to enterprise scale businesses looking for a streamlined approach in certain common business practices.  We have developed and refined the following established Application Templates:-


Clinical Operations (Healthcare) – from Dept. Chiefs and Chairs to Operations Manager, Receivables Managers, all the way up to department heads we have interfaces that interact with Epic data to bring you The Truth, not a version, not a source but the only truth so you can answer those hard questions always looming on your mind. Should I retain my physicians? Should I open a new office location? And many many more.


Comparative Research (higher education) – using simple sources of data from Admissions, Alumni, Ranking and other external sources. Answer those hard questions you always sought answers to. What makes a better student?  What is it where your alumni chose you in their career path?


Project and Portfolio Management (PPM). – effectively manage your project pipeline captured using a Project management tool of your choice. The tool can help the individual team members all the way up, to the CIO or CTO of the organization. From 360 role based views to prescriptive and descriptive summaries.


Survey Analysis (education) – everyone collects them. In all universities, large and small but here we have capabilities to present them in a way that highlights your good’s, bad’s and those needing improvement in our own proprietary quadrants.


Web Analytics – sure you have the wealth of analytics from the scores of visitor information scouring sources like Google, Apple, Vimeo etc. but imagine having to view that information customized into workflows for ease of use so you know where to focus your energies.

About us

Our team

We’re minds and makers with business sense and creative chops, set out to connect people with what matters most, the experience.

Our multifaceted team of analysts, architects, and developers share one mission: to deliver stunning results that impact, ignite, and enlighten. Our work is saturated in strategy and incepted through a lens of deep experience.



Amir Vastani


Rob Schmuecker

Senior Developer


Senior Architect

Daniel Alexander

Tableau Developer

Michael Tsidulko

VP, Business Development

About us


We serve clients across a variety of industries, ranging from Fortune 500, to institutional and governmental.

Our unique blend of analysis and implementation of cutting edge technologies and methods enable our clients to be Brilliant across the globe, keeping ahead of the competition every week, month and year.  After all, the world never sleeps, so why should your data?

Some of the industries we serve:

  • Insurance
  • Risk Management
  • Healthcare
  • Banking / Finance
  • Higher Education
  • Human Resources

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