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Brilliant is proud to be partners with the leading global technology companies in the Data Visualization, Cloud Architecture, and Advanced Analytics spaces.

Our focus is to use our expertise to ensure end-users are maximizing the long-term ROI of your solution across the organization.

Our expertise is in the Higher Education space, with past relationships serving Fortune 500 Insurance, Retail, and Healthcare clients, as well as leading Venture Capital firms.

From a high-level, our unique strengths are:

1 - We are deeply technical.

Brilliant is a global “swat” team of full-stack technologists who understand the end-to-end lifecycles of both data strategy and software development. For example, specialists in cloud architecture, ETL process, and our leads are serious data engineers on par with those of the Google’s and Facebook’s of the world. We’ve modernized massive legacy systems, consulted CIO’s and CISO’s on security and governance, and both centralized and decentralized enterprise university environments.

2 - Our focus is on enterprise-wide ROI and adoption.

The mission of Brilliant is to help higher education organizations get the most value out of their data. To achieve that goal, we help develop solutions that transform organizations into data-driven cultures, with the vision of having all employees able to make real-time decisions using the power of real-time, connected data.

3 - We’re experts in embedded analytics & apps.

Increasingly, we’re asked to bring analytics to every application in order to get the right data to the right people at the right time. Developing user-facing embedded analytics solutions is a growing part of our portfolio. With the addition of Brilliant Labs, our team creates and implements proprietary solutions for our clients that are customized to their specific organizational, cultural, and data needs.

If you’d like to see some use cases for yourself, or explore a potential partnership, please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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