Our mission is simple: to help Higher Education organizations get the most value out of their data.

Brilliant is the world’s leading business intelligence and data consultancy focused on the world of higher education. Our specialty is in the intersection of the two things we know best: data and higher education.

We believe institutions of higher learning have a unique challenge and opportunity: to close the gap between the data their communities have, and the value they’re able to achieve or pull from that data.

Today, higher education is changing forever and facing unprecedented pressure. We believe closing this gap is what will separate the institutions that will become the new global academic leaders, from those that will disappear from the conversation and landscape.

What We do

Brilliant is the world’s leading business intelligence and data consultancy specializing in communities of higher education. We’re a team of technologists and data strategists who have have been practitioners of business intelligence and analytics since the dawn of the space. We’ve helped clients ranging from Top 25 global and Ivy League universities, to the c-suite of Fortune 500’s, and are proud “data geeks.”

We help our clients with comprehensive end-to-end solutions for all of their business intelligence and data strategy needs.

Sometimes that looks like helping an Institutional Research team evaluate the appropriate data visualization software for their needs.

Or building an aggregate, enterprise-grade Learning Analytics Platform for the international campus community.

Other times, it looks like building an embedded analytics application for the President’s Office.

We offer unmatched support for BI projects large and small, deep technical expertise from cloud architecture to embedded analytics, and solutions for data literacy and training.

Check out common uses cases, client stories, or get help for your specific issue from a Brilliant strategist now.

Guiding Principles

  1. Relentless customer focus.

  2. Consistent, long-term value realization.

  3. Simple - “Easy to understand, simple to execute.”

  4. Standard of Excellence in all we do.

  5. Data-driven decision making for our organization and yours.



We’re a tight-knit, global team of technologists, operators, and some of the most passionate business-intelligence nerds in the world.


Amir Vastani, PResident


Phung LE, vice president


Rob schmuecker, vice president


Michael Tsidulko, vice president


If you’re insatiably curious and looking to transform the world of higher education, check below for openings or shoot us a note at hr@brilliantassociatesinc.com - we’re always looking for the best and brightest.