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We help Higher Ed leaders transform their organizations so they can make better, faster decisions by unlocking the power of real-time, connected data.


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“Like Jarvis from Iron Man, but for higher ed leaders”


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“Our senior execs don’t want to click around or ask for reports. They want the answers yesterday. Amir and his team were key in building that solution. Our leadership still uses it today.”

— Head of Analytics, Fortune 100 Brand

“What they do very well is listen. Very carefully and intently, they understand the business need and the ‘why’ behind it. Then they delivery truly first-class work within the right time-frame. Our only regrets are 1) We weren’t able to keep them with us longer, and 2) We couldn’t vacuum their brain for ourselves.”

— VP, Head of Organization, AIG


“As well-known as we are, we were running on old systems that made it hard to make decisions quickly. They took us from the stone age to the space age.”

— Head of Graduate School, Ivy League University

By connecting data that was just sitting within different departments, I was able to make a paradigm shift in my organization. It helped senior leadership be able to clearly see what was working and what wasn’t.

— Head of Facilities, Global 25 University


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